CS 101 with Jerry Seinfeld

ChatGPT prompt: Write a script for an episode of Seinfeld that explains object-oriented programming.

Here’s a script for an episode of Seinfeld that explains object-oriented programming:


Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are sitting at a table, having coffee.

JERRY: So, I’m taking this computer programming class, and it’s all about this thing called object-oriented programming.

GEORGE: Oh, I’ve heard of that. It’s like, instead of writing a bunch of code, you just create these little objects that have their own properties and behaviors, right?

ELAINE: Yeah, I think so. It’s supposed to make programming a lot easier and more organized.

KRAMER: Hey, I know! Let’s use object-oriented programming to make a computer game about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

JERRY: (sarcastically) That’s a great idea, Kramer. I’m sure it will be a huge hit.

GEORGE: (rolling his eyes) Anyway, back to object-oriented programming. So, each of the Horsemen would be an object, right?

ELAINE: Yeah, and they would have their own properties, like their names, their weapons, and their horse colors.

KRAMER: And they would have behaviors, like riding around and causing chaos and destruction.

JERRY: (impressed) Wow, you guys actually know what you’re talking about. I never knew object-oriented programming could be so exciting.

ELAINE: (smirking) Who needs a computer game when we have our own little adventure right here?

The gang laughs as the scene fades to black.